Sofa Musica: 26-01-2015

A New Day, a New Sofa Musica Entry.
Today i would like to introduce you to a group of musicians, that all are known from different, quite famous bands.
The band I am talking about is Transatlantic, the genre is progressive rock. Since I am playing in a progressive rock band myself, Transatlantic is a band that inspires me quite a bit when I am writing music for my own band.
The song I’m posting is the opening track of the album “SMPT:e” and consists of six parts:

All Of The Above:
– Full Moon Rising
– October Winds
– Camouflaged in Blue
– Half Alive
– Undying Love
– Full Moon Rising (Reprise)

Yes, six parts. This is not a regular 3 minute Top40 song. It is a 31 minutes long epic “suite”.
So make sure you grab enough coffee and enjoy


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