Short Story II: The Message

A tear ran down her cheek as she looked at her iPhone. It was a message from Ron…
She couldn’t hold it in anymore. She had to do something. This was going way out of hand and no one would benefit from this. People would only get hurt if this continued the way it did. And she didn’t want to hurt anyone. Not anymore… She hurt them enough.

Thoughts were running around in her mind. Should she call him? Should she tell him it’s over? Or should she just text him to say it was? Should she tell him she can’t do this anymore? Or should she call him and ask him to pick her up? Or just meet him at the train station, like they we supposed to?
Should she just call her best friend? Try and talk about it some more?
Her head was hurting so bad, she had been crying all night long, she had been yelling and screaming. She even smashed her fists into her head a few times. What the hell was she doing? What did she want? What did she want out of this?
She honestly didn’t know what to do anymore. She did not have a clue. Why did everything have to be so complicated? ‘Complicated’ wouldn’t even begin to describe how this felt.

Merle knew she had to do something. And quickly. But for now she grabbed her pillow and started crying again… A muffled cry… Yes, it was muffled, but it still was the worst sound I had ever heard.

I was standing there, right next to her. But she didn’t know. She didn’t see. I knew what was going to happen the next day, but I couldn’t intervene. I was not allowed to. All of this had to happen, and it hurt my heart. It really did. It does every time. But I cannot do anything but watch. I am a Viewer and I will always be, standing there at the side line. Just watch.
And I watched her fall asleep after she had cried for an hour. The tears were drying up on her cheeks and her nose. I waited just a little while longer before I had to leave. She was beautiful. Her pale skin seemed so delicate in the moonlight. Her long, black, wild hair falling over her shoulder on to her back… Yes, she looked like an angel, as the saying goes. Because angels; real angels don’t look like her at all. I’ve seen them… Oh… I’ve seen them…
And I just hope I will never have to see them again. Ever.

That afternoon she wakes up; her iPhone lying next to her body. She looks at it and sees it has 5 unread messages on it.
She looks at the clock and sees she has overslept. Her alarm didn’t go off.
As fast as she can she rushes out of bed and goes showering. She made up her mind. Well… Actually, she was forced to make up her mind, because it was already 2pm. In another one and a half hour he would arrive at the train station. He was already on his way, so she couldn’t call him off anymore. And deep down inside she wouldn’t want to either. She loves this man so much. Not seeing him would hurt her even more.
After she had showered, she got dressed and took her phone. She punched in her birth date and unlocked it. Five unread messages.
She opened the first one. The one from last night: “Honey, I will arrive at track 4 about 330. Will you be there? Xxxx”
The second message she opened said “Haha, you’re probably already sleeping. Love u, see u tomorrow! xxx”
The third was also Ron saying: “I’m on the bus, baby. Off to the train Love u xx”
She smiled and thought about how she got so lucky. This man was her everything and he thought the same about her.
Fourth message said: “Changed trains, see you in less than an hour. Can’t wait to see you baby. Love you xxxxxxxxx”
“Oh, hell… Less than an hour. I need to run..”
The fifth message was not Ron’s. It was him… Merle got sick to her stomach, thinking about him. Not now… He was not going to ruin this. She’d read it later.

I saw Merle arriving just in time at the train station. There she was, beautiful as ever. It was heartbreaking…
In a few minutes it’s bound to happen. I don’t know how, but I know it has to happen. And if I could do something about it, I would. Because seeing them together… That is not the work of a God. That’s the art of man. That is what makes humans so unique. The way humans can love each other. The way they can totally commit to each other. How they can give everything to the ones they love. I have never seen a species in my whole entire existence that was able to love so much, so deeply. And these two… They pulled it off so magnificent… So beautiful…
I’ll just stand here. Again. And watch. Like I always do. With a terrible pain in my heart, but it has to happen.

While she waited on the train, she took out her iPhone and looked at the unread message.
Should she open it? Should she read it? Or leave for now…
Not two seconds later Ron’s train is coming in. She put away her iPhone, leaving the message for later. Merle is so excited to see him again, her eyes are getting wet.
A big sigh reveals a relief. She has been waiting for this so long.
She whispers: “Oh Ronnie…”
At that time Ron stands up from his seat and puts his jacket back on. While he does that he’s looking outside if he can spot Merle yet; scanning all the people.
The train comes to a stop and Ron hurries to the door. He hasn’t seen Merle yet; she should be here, though.
Merle is walking towards the train. Is that him? Is that Ronnie? She’s trying to see, through the crowd, if he’s coming out. There! There he is! She starts running towards him and pushing people aside. “Ronnie!” Merle starts crying of happiness.
Ron hears his girl and looks around. Where did that came from? In a flash he sees her running towards him and he starts running too. Arms wide open; they meet and fall into each other. A tight embrace of two lovers, kissing lips pressed hard against each other, tears of joy mixing up… his… hers… The two hearts pound like crazy, one not an inch from the other.
“Ronnie, I missed you so, so much!”
“Oh Merle… My sweet Merle, my baby, my everything. I missed you too… God, I love you!”
“I love you, baby”
“It’s so good to see you”
Some people stop and stare at the two love birds and smile. There’s a happy couple.
Others just walk by, pretending that they didn’t see it.
Ron takes Merle’s hand and says: “Let’s go, baby… We have a lot to talk about… Where do you want to go? Get some coffee first?”
“Whatever you like, baby”
“Okay, let’s walk”
“Oh… he sent me a message today”
“What did it say?”
“Well.. I don’t know.. Haven’t opened it yet”
“Scared of what it might say?”
“Kind of… I don’t know… I’ll see if I read it later”
They walk towards the exit, hand in hand.

It’s time. As I check the big clock on the wall, the little hand is closing in to 7.
At exactly 3:35 PM, it will be done. They will walk by me and it will happen. Nothing I can… Oh no… It’s him! No… Please… Not him… Not again… Oh shit…

From out of the shadows, a large man-like figure steps onto the platform. His head turns towards them and short after his body moves the same way. He starts to walk. With large steps he’s coming closer, right behind them, following them…

The Viewer stands below the big station clock. It’s 3:33 PM. He can’t move anymore. He has to watch from this point on. The only thing he can do is shiver and mumble: “It’s him… The Angel…”
The Viewer wants to close his eyes, but he can’t. He lost all control of his body and he feels like he’s nailed to the ground.
The Angel sees him and shakes his head. He’s closing in on them. His deadly black eyes burn a hole in your soul… His heads tilts a bit downward, while his eyes keep staring at the same point… Oh heavens, this looks as evil as it’s going to get. Why are they depicted as beautiful, winged creatures, while they are so terrifying? Such an enormous dark, twisted figure, any sane man would run away from… This one must be ten feet tall, his black rain coat like wings waving behind him. A Death-hammer buckled to his belt.

At this point Ron and Merle are walking towards the Viewer. They don’t notice him. They can’t see him even if they would want to. Ironic. He’s a Viewer and no one can see him.
Just before they approach the Viewer, Ron feels something isn’t right and he stops. Merle looks at him and asks him: What’s wrong, baby?
Ron looks around and says: I don’t know sweetheart. Something feels odd. Something’s off. I… I don’t know how to describe it but…
As the Angel reaches down his side he speaks: “Zohr-juh, lahp zeer noh-koh mahd hoe-ah-th Ee-ah-ee-dah!”. With his thumb he unlocks the Death-hammer and raises it up high. He starts to swing it around above his head.
At exactly 3:35 the hammer comes down and swings with a deadly blow against Ron’s back. His eyes opened wide and he tries to scream, but there’s no air in his lungs.
Merle sees her boyfriend being launched over the platform and down onto the tracks. How did this happen, was this real? She looks around. No one was paying attention to Ron, as if nothing happened. Who did this? She cried: “Ronnie!! Baby!!” Tears in her eyes were troubling her sight, but she had to get to him. “Ronnie?”
She looked over the edge and saw him lying there, on the train tracks. His back was arching in a way that was not humanly possible…

Ron tried to lift his head. What had just happened? Why did his back hurt so much? Where was he? He could barely move his head, his eyes were rolling around, trying to see… From the track, to the platform, to… Merle? Was that Merle? He wanted to scream but his jaws were stuck. He couldn’t make a sound.
“Mmm… Mmm, Mm…”
Merle was crying and calling his name. She stood at the edge of the platform holding out her hands, bending over towards him. “Ronnie, please get up! Get out of there! Help! Someone! Help him!”
Ron’s head fell back to the ground. And as he laid there his eyes were getting bigger and bigger… A freight train was running towards him. The tracks were making a loud crackling noise as the train was speeding towards him. He lifted his hand and tried to point his finger to the train.
Merle was still crying and yelling: “Help! Ronnie! Help him, please!”
With a loud crack the train sped over Ron’s body. A big blood spurt rained across the platform. People were running and screaming as it hit their faces. Red tears everywhere…

When the train was gone, Ron looked up.
The lifeless body of his beloved girlfriend was lying there on the curb. A big red, bleeding wound where her head used to be… The cervical vertebrae were hanging from it, dangling over the edge. Blood dripping down the wall onto the tracks…
Ron´s eyes turned away. His head turned left and just as he died, the last thing he saw was Merle’s beautiful but bruised face, her eyes wide open staring at him, just a few inches away.

Her iPhone was lying between the tracks with the fifth message still unread…


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