No Such Thing: Chapter II

While One and Three went to the Chambers of The High Council, Nine was already starting to assemble his team. He knew that the High Council would say yes to his request. It was always just a matter of getting One to take that final step towards the Chambers and that would seal the deal. Three would be there to address to the Elder, which was a good thing. The Elders had a soft spot for Three. He was a member of the Order of the Frey’th.

Twelve centuries ago, Sigmah Frey’th founded the Order.
Frey’th was a General who belonged to one of the Seven Families that rebuilt this planet. He faced fierce struggles for regaining the lands, and giving it back to the people, and almost died in the Bolloth War. It is said that at that point, Frey’th regained his strength and more after signing a pact with the Phaemon.
Unnecessary to say that this devilish pact made him the greatest warrior ever, but the consequences paved the path to his demise. Yes, he did it all for the sake of his people. So that they would survive. But getting into a deal with the Phaemon… A very ruthless way.
During the Battle of Al’Shadrih, he fought off 4,000 enemies singlehandedly. A year later, in Buhzabadahr, he and his men took down the entire Army of Wohram, the Masters ánd the Elders of Gajïn in one week.
Frey’th supposedly brought The Giant of Belsah to his knees.
He finally was elected Emperor, but not long before the Phaemon took him away.
At first a man with the greatest of hearts, but lost his soul to darkness. No one ever had heard from him again.

The Order endured a difficult time without their founder. When word came out, there was a deal with the Phaemon, the Order had to go underground. The Members scattered all across the world in hiding. But years after the disappearance of Frey’th, the Order flourished soon after a new leader made himself known. This leader, The’llodahr, revised the Order and only the bravest of bravest would become members. Their purpose was keeping The Elders safe and act as the Knights of The High Council. Next to that they had to retrieve stolen and lost artifacts and guarding the artifacts, which were scattered around worlds during The Great Battles and Wars.

Today, being a member of The Order would mean the highest appreciation one could ever get.
There were only two remaining members on this planet. In total there are only 17 Knights of the Order of the Frey’th in the galaxy. Highly trained and powerful Knights in combat and practicers of history and science.

Nine was a Youngling. The youngest member of the Nine Representatives.
The Former Nine went missing after the first attempt to find proof of life on Sehol IV.
Shortly hereafter young Nine was elected to be his follow up.
Young Nine was still a Badrah Knight in training by that time, but he had shown great courage and wisdom, and the, now, remaining Eight Representatives needed a ninth member. The youngling was the only one worthy of the job.
Before he became Nine, he went by the name of L’dhar Bahradil, son of the late M’shea Bahradil and his wife Lea. L’dhar became a student at the Badrah School at an early age because the Council saw a high potential in the boy.
Now he was a member of the Representatives and had quite a few successful missions tied to his name. Unfortunately there were a great deal of less successful ones too, like the missions to Sehol IV.
Although these were mostly not his fault, he was still the mission leader and therefore the person responsible.
He ordered the mission flight of The C’Hanai, but they lost contact with it when it was supposed to be orbiting Sehol IV. No one knows for sure what happened to the ship, but they didn’t have enough life support to stay out there for the time they were gone already. The last thing Ground Control heard was that the ship had to maneuver through a dense asteroid field. Most of the Representatives assumed that the ship hit an asteroid on its way and exploded. In their eyes their Brothers had died.

Nine refused to believe that The C’Hanai was destroyed, he was certain that it had survived past the asteroid fields and made a safe landing on the planet. In one of his dreams he had seen it. He had seen the ship take quite a few hits but it managed to land safely.
Today he had asked permission to try one more time to recover proof of life on the planet they called Sehol IV. Hopefully he would hear from the High Council today. And if not today then tomorrow. The sooner they could leave and the better chance they had to find The C’Hanai.

A broad shouldered, dark-purple skinned man with a white robe turned around.
“Nine..” he said. “Did you get them to say yes?”
“Well.. Sort of.. I have One and Three taking it up to The High Council. And we all know what that outcome will be”, he laughed.
“You sneaky little bastard”
“Hey. You do realize, it’s our friends up there. Our brothers. We need to do anything that we can do to rescue them. I know they are out there.”
Cohr’aqq looked at Nine and nodded his head.” I know you have this strong intuition. And usually you are right. But I have a hard time hoping for a positive outcome. Or at least a positive ending for us, if we can take off. I must say I’m skeptical.”
“Well, you know that’s why I want you on the team”
“Yeah… well…”
“Cohr’aqq, I know this time it will work. I just have this feeling…”
“I know…”
“Did you discuss this with Sengh?”
“I can’t find the bastard. I have looked everywhere, but the damn Toolah is nowhere to be found.”
“Have you checked the bar?”
“What do you think? I’m stupid? That’s the first place I’d look for that drunk.”
“Hey, he might be a drunk, but he’s the best navigator in the System.”
“What can I say. You’re right. Like usual. I hate it that you are always right.”
“Better get used to it, my friend” Nine smiled, “If all goes well, we will be taking off tomorrow morning. Get your stuff ready. I will see if I can find Sengh myself. We have Brenn and H’Lah Mux on board too.”
“Mux? Are you sure you want him?”
“Yes. I am positive. He’s the only one who can handle a Nehton cannon like he does. Don’t underestimate him.”
“Hey, I’m not saying anything about his shooting skills.. It’s the social skills I’m worried about. That man is like a herde of D’Yungahls in heat, bouncing their way through a gluzz field.”
“Hahaha, well… He’s not the most sensitive Darhq on this planet, I’ll give you that”
“Understatement, I say.”
“Hey, I’ll let you know about the decision.”
“Sure, see you soon”


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