Short Story V: Mirrored

I looked myself in the eyes, through the mirror. A smile appeared from underneath the toothpaste foam…

It was a morning that started out, seemingly like most other mornings.
The annoying default alarm from my Android phone penetrated through my skull like a knife through… well.. my skull..
Man, I really had too much of that damn whiskey last night.

Given, last night was fun. Ron, Ron’s friend Danny, Peter, Rudy and me, we had a horror movie marathon with way too much booze. Thankfully I kept it with just whiskey, but Danny, oh Danny.. He tried out everything in my liquor cabinet and let me tell you… There’s a lot of different bottles in there, all gifts from barbecues I hosted and people brought whatever they wanted to drink or get rid of. And that goes back a year or two with hot, hot summers.
I thought about poor Danny, how he must have felt this Saturday morning. I chuckled, but that quickly faded. The sound of the “hmmpf” that escaped my mouth, thundered right back into my brain. The hurting.. Oh, for fuck’s sake.. Haven’t been this bad in years.

I fought the bright screaming light that hit my just opening left eye and tried to see what time it was.
It was 10:32, early still, but I really needed coffee.
So I opened up my other eye, with the accompanying Pain in the Brain, that I really could do without and sighed.
I asked myself why the hell I let myself go through this every so often.
Sure it was all fun and games at night. But the mornings after..
I lifted my head and looked around through my squinting eyes.
Then I threw the blankets off of me and swung my legs over the side of the bed.
When I got up, I felt exactly why I shouldn’t have. Head. Hurts. So. Bad.
Oh, this thunderstorm inside was not over, not by a long shot. I felt the inside of my stomach rise up and a burning sensation started to wrestle its way up my gullet.

Let’s do this. We can do this.
I stumbled out of the bedroom and into the bathroom. Threw my underpants in dirties, grabbed a towel from the rail and hung it over the shower door.
I turned on the water and got in. It felt like I was still dreaming. Careful not to slip…
While I waited for the water to get hot I looked through the glass door, stared at the mirror and shook my head as if I said to myself: “Buddy.. You are not gonna survive today.”
Even the image of me shaking my head was blurry, feeling like I was already done shaking and my reflection was still going on. Really, the whole bathroom was shaking.

I felt the temperature of the water, it was good, so I got under it. I looked up and let the hot water rain down my face. That felt pretty nice actually.
The soapy sponge washed away my sweaty smell and my wrinkly face started to finally get back to its original form. And oh my, my mouth tasted bad
Through the glass shower door I could see the mirror getting foggy.
I closed my eyes for a bit and let the hot water just run down from the top of my head to the floor.
A thought just popped up, from when I was in therapy and couldn’t feel anything anymore. The therapist told me to take a shower and really feel the water. Feel it going down, feel every drop.
Every once in a while I still do this. Just like now. I just stood there, feeling the water.
I felt it splash on to my head, I felt it when the drops rushed down and hit the top of my head and then crash into smaller drops which I could feel when they hit my shoulders.
I felt the hot Tears of the Showerhead dribble down my cheeks, run over my closed eyelids, passing my nose, kissing my lips and run down my chin.
I felt the streams of my indoor Morning Downpour slowly caress my back and make their way down my butt cheeks.
The water was tickling my legs while it tried to find its way through the hairs on them.
And while I was standing there, enjoying my shower, suddenly it felt like there was someone in the bathroom with me. In a matter of milliseconds, a shadow darkened half of the shower cubicle. I woke up from my trance and opened my eyes to find myself looking at the foggy glass door. And of course there was nothing on the other side.
Probably the single-filament bulb on its way to Light Bulb Heaven.

I had no idea how long I was in there, but I figured I needed to get out so I pulled the towel down from the door and dried myself off.
When I got out I opened the bathroom door to check down the hallway what time it was.
Not too bad…
From the top shelf, I took two Q-tips and dried the inside of my ears.
I used the towel to dry the mirror.
Again I looked at myself and while I felt my head hurting, I shook my head, said “stupid fuck…” to the reflection and sighed.
I really, really needed coffee.
But first brush my teeth.
I grabbed the Crest, twisted the lid off, took my toothbrush from the cup on the shelf and squeezed out a red-white-and-blue on its stiff white and yellow hairs.
After I started brushing the terrible, cottony taste, and probably smell, out of my mouth, I looked at the mirror and noticed a vague, kinda dark spot on it.
I turned on the faucet and held a washcloth under the warm water. When it was soaked I tried scrubbing the spot but it didn’t come off. I dried the mirror again with the towel, but the spot was still there.
With my thumb nail I tried scratching it off, but I couldn’t feel the spot and it kinda seemed like it was on the inside.
I looked closer and in the reflection I could see the clock showing me it was 11:10.

In a split second I felt a cold sensation starting on the tip of my thumb quickly covering my hand. It was like an icy claw was grabbing me. I tried to pull back, but I couldn’t, my hand was stuck to the mirror. What the hell was going on? I must be dreaming still? But the shower felt so real.. And this cold?…
It started to grasp my whole right arm and it almost felt like it was pulling.
My heart was beating faster and I spat out my tooth-brush. This felt too real!
“What the fuck?!”
I grabbed the sink with my other hand and tried to pull my arm back with all my might.
If this was from the whiskey, I’m never gonna drink again..
As much as I tried to fight it, the strength with which I was pulled in was too much, I couldn’t hold it. I pushed my foot against the wall and kicked with everything I got.
What the hell was this! I started breathing heavy, faster and really got scared.
The ice-cold claw was grabbing me tighter and it really hurt my forearm. Invisible nails were digging in and I started bleeding.
I noticed the red drops fall down into the sink as they splattered like tiny scarlet explosions on the white enamel.
My hand slowly started to disappear in the mirror. I was being pulled right in…
The freezing cold was finding its way to my shoulder and I started shaking. This made it even harder to resist.
In the reflection I saw my eyes getting bigger, my skin tone getting paler and the toothpaste foam was hiding most of the, now, blue color of my lips.
The lights went out for a moment and when they went back on, I looked at myself with an evil grin. What!?!
The lights went off and on again and this evil reflection of me was gone.

I looked around to see if there was anything I could hold onto, as my arm was already up to my elbow in the mirror. I was going to lose this struggle if I didn’t hang on to something.
The shower door was open and I tried reaching it, but when I almost had it I got pulled in fast as a bullet from a gun and my feet came off the floor.
While I was dragged half way over the sink, I  hit the mirror with the side of my head.
I tried to break the mirror with my left fist, I banged on it, but I couldn’t even crack it a little, it just seemed to give in a little like a rubber wall.
The cold was flowing into my head and halfway down my chest which made it difficult to breath.
I huffed and pushed myself away against the mirror with my free hand but that was a bad idea.
Another cold claw grabbed that one too and started pulling.
Before I knew it I was had my chest and my chin pressed up against the freezing mirror, forcing my head to face up.
I tried looking down to the mirror, but I only saw the reflection of my cheeks.
My mouth was being pried open and I could feel the mirror against my teeth.
The coldness was forcing its way into my tongue and I could taste the glass.
I tried screaming but every sound that tried to escape was muffled as I had my face pressed against the mirror. Or was it going in? I had no clue, this felt so unreal.
One moment later I felt a third claw grab the top of my head and pull me in so fast I blacked out.

When I woke up, I had no idea how long I had been out. It could have been hours, minutes or just seconds.
I looked at myself in the mirror.
Something was off. Did I dream what just happened? I looked around, but everything was black. I only could see the mirror and my reflection brushing it’s teeth.
Wait.. Was I..?
Slowly I started to realize what has happened..
With both my fists I started banging on the glass. Trying to break free…

I looked myself in the eyes, through the mirror. A smile appeared from underneath the toothpaste foam…
A cold, frightening, evil smile…


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